Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've decided I'm a really bad blogger. Not that I can't write, but that I lack the push inside of me to complete almost anything or to fulfill my potential. I'm watching the Olympics right now and I think to myself "wow, what would it be like to be the best in the world?" I know I will never be an Olympic athlete and I'm fine with that, but I think about all of the aspects of my life that have unfulfilled potential. I think about all of the Gifts I have been given. I was given a brain to be envied, I was given a voice to be world renowned, I was given a body that is athletic, but in every one of these instances, I have sold myself short. And I think it all comes down to focus. Maybe I have been given too much that I can't decide on one thing to be exceptional at (that sounds a little proud, but it's true). I could of been a scholar, but I was a procrastinator and I did not take advantage of my education like I should have. I could have used my voice to pay my bills, but I lacked the will to try and I was scared of any sort of rejection, so I didn't train like I should have or could have. I've always been good at sports or athletics, but I let my image of myself hold me back. So, because I didn't take advantage of my brain, I'm working retail. Because I didn't take advantage of my voice, I am not singing. Because I didn't take advantage of my good balance and coordination, I stayed fat. And because I've set myself up for unfulfilled potential in my life, I have only written two chapters of my book. This is just something I've been thinking about. I hope getting it down on paper will help me to focus on...something.