Monday, November 30, 2009

Working out

It has been a while since I have written, sorry about that to my three followers...:) Love ya. I am in the midst of Holiday season at my job and that usually means for a mean and tired Stefanie, but not this year! I am going to fight it and actually enjoy the season. You want to know what is going to make the difference this year? I will be working out very hard 5 days a week. You might think, eh? Wouldn't that make you more tired and cranky? And the simple answer to that is NO! It recharges my batteries and gets the good endorphins flowing through me. It has also kept me from getting all. I am serious about this. If you want a way to fight the winter colds and flus just start working out with Jillian. I have not gotten sick since I have done this. And I used to get cold after cold during the winter. I just feel, well, healthy and for me, that is a battle won in my life. I like winning battles. Don't you? Yea for Holiday!!