Sunday, December 27, 2009

Retail Holiday Rant

I am happy for all of you out there who had a wonderful, peaceful Holiday season. On Christmas day, I felt a small part of that, but in the days surrounding that, there was no peace. I work in retail. I know I said in my last blog that I was going to use working out as a way to combat the negativity that comes with retail Holiday, but I just gave up this last week. Every day I came home and just sat. Sometimes I would stare at the television. Sometimes I would stare at the computer, but never anything more strenuous than that. There were two times that I got in workout clothes and then just sat. I mean, it was exhausting waiting on people who, while in a general good Christmas spirit, seemed to forget that when we didn't have something in stock or when the line was slightly longer than they deemed appropriate. Sorry. (That was a very sarcastic sorry for those of you who couldn't hear me). My favorite customer of the season, though, was not one who I personally got to wait on, thank goodness. This gentleman, uh, man, walked up to the front checkout counter. Now, we have one line into which all registers feed from and the line wasn't very short, so it should not have been hard for this man to see it. But, he walks up and plants himself behind a register. When the cashier politely said, (and to know her is to know it was said politely) "Sir, the line is over there." This man had a calendar in his hand and actually launched it. Threw it. And said, "F@#% your line" and walked out. It was short and sweet, but showed the utter lack of respect some people have for others. For strangers. We serve you. Sure we do it for money, but not for much money. I actually like my job, but I hate people like that. People who have no concept of and no respect for those in the retail business. Grow up.

And that, my dear readers, is my Retail Holiday Rant.